Jordan F. – Kaufman & Kavicky

Client Review

“Erica and Scott were AWESOME!!!”

Erica and Scott were AWESOME!!! I had bought a car online and had it for 8 months, took it to my mechanic for oil change and tire rotation. (I didn’t commute at the time, so yes 8 months!)

My mechanic discovered the whole entire chassis was COMPLETELY rusted!

As soon as I found out I did contact the online company I bought it from, after talking to them, I knew I needed an attorney! Scott responded to my request for consult asap!! Now, if you think your issue will be resolved overnight, guess again! This is a long process and you have to be patient! My case took almost 2 years but it was settled out of court, company bought my car back too! Thanks to Erica and the entire team !! She is AMAZING !! She knows what she is doing!!! THANK YOU ERICA and SCOTT & team!!!!!

Jordan F.