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Orange County Fiat Lemon Law Attorneys

Fiat is the largest automobile manufacturing company in Italy. It has been producing and distributing quality vehicles all over the globe for over a century. Fiat has won several European Car of the Year Awards and has also been awarded for their low carbon emission rates.

However, not every Fiat can measure up to this standard. Various defects and manufacturing recalls have been associated with Fiat vehicles in recent years. If you have purchased or leased a Fiat vehicle that has significant defects, that persists even after several attempts to repair, you may have a lemon. Under California and Federal Lemon, you may be eligible for relief. If you live in Anaheim Orange County and feel you may have a defective Fiat, contact us at Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for the help that you need.

Known issues

While it is important to note that no one issue is consistent in all lemon law cases, the following defects have been reported in Fiat vehicles:

  • Transmission issues
  • Leaking fluids
  • Electronic malfunctions
  • Engine defects
  • Clutch issues


In recent years, Fiat vehicles have been subject to several recalls. Software issues, clutch malfunction, and transmission issues are just a few of the reasons cited for Fiat vehicle recalls.

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If you feel that you have purchased or leased a Fiat that may be a lemon, you might be entitled to replacement or cash compensation by the manufacturer. For years, Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP has been helping Anaheim County drivers stay protected from faulty vehicles under California Lemon Law. Call today to get started.