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Orange County Audi Lemon Law Attorneys

Audi is a German automobile company that produces luxury vehicles as part of the Volkswagen Group. Audi has a long history of automotive advancement, which is embodied in its company logo, “Being Ahead Through Technology.”

However, with this aim for advancement can come setbacks and defects. If you have purchased or leased an Audi that has defects, that despite several repair attempts, have hindered the safety or value of your vehicle, your Audi may be a lemon. Under California State Lemon Law and Federal Lemon Law, you may be entitled to relief, including replacement or cash compensation. Contact the professionals at Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP today for a free consultation.

Common Defects

Common Audi defects that have been reported include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Electric components
  • Oil leaks and related issues
  • Malfunctioning spark plugs
  • Exhaust gas recirculation defects
  • Catalytic converter malfunction


Despite their history of providing quality vehicles to the marketplace for many years, Audi has faced significant recalls. Most notably, they faced violations over the Clean Air Act and other emissions-related issues. In addition, Audi has faced numerous recalls in conjunction with faulty air bag inflations.

Getting Help

If you are living in the  Anaheim-Orange County area and feel that you may have acquired a new, used, or leased Audi that may be defective, contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a free consultation. We can help you determine if you are entitled to relief under California and Federal Lemon Law.