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Alameda County Volkswagen Lemon Law Attorneys

The German company, Volkswagen, was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front in an effort to bring vehicles to more citizens, as only half the population owned one. Its name directly reflects this notion, as it translates to “people’s car.” In 2017, Volkswagen shifted focus to electric vehicles with the goal of these new models accounting for one quarter of their sales. 

Even with a consumer centric outlook, Volkswagen vehicles do experience difficulties. If your Volkswagen has undergone repair without resolution, it is possible you purchased a lemon. Such a transaction may entitle you to protective measures under the California state or Federal law. Residents in California’s Oakland Alameda County area should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a compensation consultation.

Common Volkswagen Defects

Volkswagen may experience issues in the following areas:

  • Front assist problems
  • Loose timing chain leading to engine failure
  • Fracture of coil springs
  • Engine issues
  • Electrical defects leading to rollaway cars
  • Tire problems 

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Volkswagen Recalls

Volkswagen has experienced some significant recalls in the past few years. As another company affected by the Takata airbag recall, they have recalled the 2010-2014 Golf and Jetta models, 2007-2010 Passat, and the 2009-2014 CC models. In 2015, Toyota went through an additional airbag recall for models CC, Passat, Eos, Golf, and Tiguan amongst others due to an issue with the airbag electrical connection. Most recently, Volkswagen had to recall multiple models that violated the EPA Clean Air Act with technology equipped to cheat the emissions tests. 

Help With Your Vehicle

If these situations apply to your Volkswagen or you have concerns about your lemon vehicle purchase, relief is possible. California’s Lemon Law as well as Federal Law protect consumers and may provide replacement or cash compensation. Consumers in the Oakland Alameda County area should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, for guidance on your claim. 

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