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Alameda County Tesla Lemon Law Attorneys

Based out of California, Tesla is an American automotive maker focused on electric cars and clean energy. As one of the newest brands on the market, only founded in 2003, the company was named for famed inventor Nikola Tesla. Since its inception, Tesla is ranked as the best-selling battery electric and plug-in car. The company is currently working to incorporate solar roofs on their vehicles. 

Despite their innovation, Tesla vehicles may still experience defect. If after several repair attempts, your Tesla is not operating properly, you may have purchased a lemon. Consumers based in the Oakland Alameda County section of California should reach out to Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for information regarding State and Federal Lemon Laws. 

Tesla Defects

Tesla vehicles are known to experience the following product defects:

  • Paint imperfections
  • Difficulty opening the trunk and hood
  • Failure of power steering
  • Excessive rattling while driving
  • Faulty suspension
  • Vehicle panels do not fit together smoothly

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Tesla Recalls

Tesla has issued multiple recalls for its vehicles. In 2012, all Model S vehicles were recalled for replacement of the passenger airbag that could rupture and deploy shrapnel. Certain model X vehicles from 2016-2017 were recalled for cable adjustment on the left side second row seat, leading to potential injury during a crash. Most recently, Tesla recalled several of the 2020 Model Y vehicles for a software error preventing the brake light from illuminating. 

Help With Your Lemon

Should you experience concern over your Tesla, or you suspect you have purchased a lemon vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation. Both the California Lemon Law and Federal Law may provide cash or replacement relief. Those living in the Oakland Alameda county should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP, for further inquiries regarding your claim. 

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