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Alameda County Subaru Lemon Law Attorneys

Based out of Japan, the automotive maker Subaru was first established in 1953. Well known for their cross-over SUV models, they feature luxurious interiors and mainstream technology. All models feature AWD and every vehicle is fitted with a Boxer engine which allows output to go directly to the transmission. Subaru’s signature logo of six stars is based on the Pleiades, or Taurus, constellation. 

Subaru maintains a loyal consumer base despite defects with some vehicles. If your Subaru has undergone multiple repair attempts without resolution, you might be entitled to protective measures. Both the California State and Federal laws may provide consumers with relief, in either cash or repair compensation. Those living in California’s Oakland Alameda County area should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a consultation to address their lemon vehicle. 

Common Subaru Defects

Subaru vehicles may be subject to the following difficulties:

  • Wear and tear of air conditioning o-rings
  • Problems with front suspension
  • Faulty remote start system
  • Issues with cooling system cause head gasket to fail
  • Strong shaking during acceleration
  • Front engine oil leaks from failure of the camshaft seal 

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Subaru Recalls

Over the course of its history, Subaru has experienced several recalls. Subaru has had to recall multiple models in the Takata airbag recall. Legacy and Outback models from 2016-2017 were recalled for a steering column defect that could lead to loss of control. In 2014, over 600,00 Subarus were recalled for brake inspection as some had become eroded due to salt water exposure. 

Help With Your Vehicle

Consumers with these concerns about their Subaru who live in the Oakland Alameda County area of California should contact our team at Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP. Under the State or Federal Lemon Laws you may be entitled to cash or repair relief for the purchase of your lemon vehicle. 

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