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Alameda County Porsche Lemon Law Attorneys

Porsche, a German automaker specializing in luxury vehicles, including high-end sports cars, was founded in 1931. Credited with inventing the first fully electric car at the 1912 Paris World Expedition, the vehicle was powered by lead acid batteries. To date, the company’s most popular car is the Porsche 911, a high-performance sports car.

Yet even high-end companies such as Porsche are subject to defect. If you believe you have purchased a lemon vehicle and reside in the Oakland Alameda County area of California, contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a consultation. California state law as well as Federal law deems that you may be entitled to cash or replacement relief. 

Porsche Defects

Possible defects for Porsche vehicles include:

  • Excessive engine smoke from improper oil level
  • Coolant distribution causing pooling on the engine
  • Stretching of timing chain
  • Grinding sound from transmission
  • Failure of ABS electronic module

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Porsche Recalls

Porsche vehicles have been subject to multiple recalls. Recently, the 2017-2018 Panamera and the 2019-2020 Cayenne were recalled for an issue with the brake warning indicators. Porsche recalled several of the 2012-2013 911 Carrera and Carrera 4 cars due to a tailpipe that could become detached. Most recently, Porsche issued a recall for the 2019 911 GT2 RS and 2020 Carrera S Coupe vehicles for a wheel hub that was not correctly tightened. 

Getting Help

For consumers who live in the Oakland Alameda County area of California and experience these issues with their Porsche, you may be entitled to relief from either the California Lemon Law or Federal Law. At your earliest convenience, contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP to claim cash or replacement compensation from your lemon vehicle today. 

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