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Mercedes Benz is a German automaker known for its luxury and commercial vehicles. Founded in 1926, the brand’s slogan reflects its luxury view, “the best or nothing.” Always a leader in innovation, the company first introduced a self-driving car back in 1995.

Mercedes takes quality so seriously that each part of the car is welded in 10,000 different places to ensure no loose parts and the vehicles must go through thousands of independent inspections. 

Despite these impressive measures, Mercedes Benz vehicles may still experience issues. If your Mercedes maintains problems even after repair attempts, you might have purchased a lemon vehicle. Both the Federal and California State Law state that the owner may be entitled to a replacement or cash compensation. Those consumers residing in California’s Oakland Alameda County area should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a consultation. 

Common Mercedes Benz Defects

  • Oil leaks from electric transmission
  • Ignition failure due to old spark plugs
  • Rust 
  • Ball joints and control arm bushings that wear out sooner than expected
  • Failed window regulators
  • Clogging of the catalytic converter

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Mercedes Benz Recalls

Mercedes Benz vehicles do experience recalls from time to time. The C300, C300 4MATIC, and C43 AMG models from 2018-2019 are under recall for a mounting bracket in the battery that may not be secure. Several 2019 models, including the C300 Cabriolet, C300 Coupe, C43 AMG Coupe, E450 Coupe, E53 AMG Cabriolet, amongst others have been recalled to replace the seat belt buckles that may not activate in the event of an accident. A small number of vehicles received a 2018 recall for an electrical system update that could lead to the engine stalling. 

Getting Help

If you are a Mercedes Benz owner with these concerns living in the Oakland Alameda County area of California, Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP can help. Under Federal or California State Law, you may be entitled to cash or replacement relief. Contact a representative at our office today for help with your lemon vehicle. 

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