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Alameda County Mazda Lemon Law Attorneys

Mazda is a Japanese automaker founded in 1920. With a focus on alternative building substances, the brand aims to produce more eco-friendly models. Mazda has also developed its SkyActiv Technology which aims to increase fuel economy and decrease emission levels. The design for the current Mazda logo is based on an owl’s open wings to symbolize Mazda’s vision for the future. 

Even with advanced technology, the Mazda brand still experiences faulty products. If your vehicle has received several repairs with no resolution, you may be entitled to consumer relief. California State and Federal Lemon Laws may provide cash or replacement compensation. If you reside in California’s Oakland Alameda County area, please contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a consultation on your claim. 

Common Mazda Defects

Mazda vehicles have been subject to numerous defects including:

  • Engine failure
  • Excessive tailpipe smoke
  • Transmission shifts in and out of overdrive
  • Illuminated airbag warning light
  • Vibrations when driving over 55mph
  • Difficulty starting in cold weather

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Mazda Recalls

As with many other automotive manufacturers, Mazda vehicles have experienced the major Takata airbag recall. Other recent recalls include the Mazda3 and Mazda6 for fuel tank related problems. Over 200,000 Mazda6 vehicles from 2014-2015 and Mazda3 from 2014-2016 were recalled for parking brake actuators that were subject to corrosion, and could potentially lead to a rollaway car situation. Over one million Mazda 323 vehicles were recalled due to problems with the ignition switch that would lead to overheating. 

How to Get Help

If these concerns apply to your vehicle, or if there are additional worries, you may have purchased a lemon vehicle. Under the California Lemon Law or Federal Law the consumer may be entitled to cash or replacement compensation. Contact our office in the Oakland Alameda County area for a consultation on your lemon vehicle. 

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