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Alameda County Lincoln Lemon Law Attorneys

Lincoln Motor Company is a subdivision of the American automotive maker, Ford. With a line of full-size luxury sedans, cross-overs, and sport vehicles, it was founded in 1917 and named after Abraham Lincoln. This line of luxury vehicles often finds itself in direct competition with Cadillac and BMW. Lincoln’s MKZ was the first hybrid car ever to be introduced at the same price as its gas counterpart. 

Even with a beloved American history, Lincoln vehicles are not without defect. If your Lincoln has gone through repair attempts with no solution, you may have purchased a lemon. Such a transaction may entitle you to protective measures under both the California State and Federal law. Consumers residing in California’s Oakland Alameda County area should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for a consultation regarding cash or replacement compensation.

Common Lincoln Defects

Even the Lincoln brand may experience these defects in their product:

  • Crack on the lift gate
  • Compressor failure due to air leaks
  • Issues with the radio
  • Fluid leak in the axle area
  • Grinding noise at front brakes
  • Corrosion on battery cable

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Lincoln Recalls

Lincoln is subject to multiple recalls on a variety of models. The 2015 MKC SUV was recalled due to leaks in the fuel pump that could cause stalling. The MKX SUV is also under recall for a potential fire risk hazard. The Lincoln Continental and MKX models of 2016-2017 were recalled for driver-side airbags that did not completely inflate. 

Help With Your Vehicle

If these situations apply to your Lincoln vehicle or you have concern that you may have purchased a lemon, relief is possible. California’s Lemon Law as well as Federal Law protect consumers and may provide replacement or cash compensation. Those living in the Oakland Alameda County area should contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP. We will be able to provide further guidance on this matter.

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