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Alameda County Lexus Lemon Law Attorneys

Lexus is a luxury Japanese brand from the automotive giant, Toyota. Quality is considered the mainstay of the brand, attracting innovative designers. To create the LS, a first-generation Lexus, one billion dollars was dedicated to its development. Innovation is at the forefront of Lexus. It is an industry leader in hybrid vehicles and has even produced the world’s first eight-speed automatic transmission. 

Despite this ingenuity, Lexus vehicles do have their problems. If you have undergone several repairs with your Lexus with no resolution, you may be eligible for protective measures on your lemon vehicle. Lexus owners residing in the Oakland Alameda County area of California should contact our office for a consultation on both state and federal lemon laws. 

Common Lexus Defects

Lexus vehicles do experience defects, not limited to:

  • Failed oxygen sensor leading to check engine light
  • Faulty ignition coil
  • Sludge buildup in engine
  • EVAP system fault
  • Discoloration of inside rear view mirror
  • Clicking sound from brake actuator

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Lexus Recalls

Most recently, Lexus has recalled over a million vehicles for issues with the fuel pump, which can lead to a crash. In 2013, Lexus recalled the GS350 sedan for brake-pedal replacements. Over 400,000 vehicles from 2007-2010 have been recalled for faulty fuel pipes that can lead to leakage. 

Getting Help

Those consumers living in the Oakland Alameda County of California who believe these situations may apply to their vehicle should speak with a local representative at Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP. Under both Federal and California State law, there is potential compensation after the purchase of a lemon vehicle. Contact Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP for additional information about how to proceed. 

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