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Alameda County Jaguar Lemon Law Attorneys

A luxury brand of cars based out of England and developed in 1935, Jaguar originally developed motorcycle sidecars. In 2013, Jaguar and Land Rover merged to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited. One fact about the Jaguar is that emu feathers are used during the paint job because they hold an electrostatic charge, thus blocking dust between the final cleaning and the paint job. 

Despite their prestige, Jaguar vehicles are still subject to problems. Should your Jaguar undergo repair efforts without resolution, you may have purchased a lemon vehicle. Both the Federal and California State laws may provide compensation, either in cash or replacement options. Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP, based in the Oakland Alameda County, is available for consumer assistance. 

Common Jaguar Defects

The most common Jaguar defects include:

  • Transmission failure
  • Leak in the coolant reservoir causing engine to overheat
  • Noise during brake usage
  • Ignition coil cause of misfire
  • Breakage on exterior door handle
  • Problems with opening and closing of convertible top

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Jaguar Recalls

One of the most recent Jaguar recalls is the 2017 XJ model for airbag deployment failure during a crash. In 2017-2018 the Jaguar XF and F-Pace were recalled for defects in the instrument panel going blank, leading to loss of crucial information such as miles per hour.  Additional recalls on 2017 vehicles include the XE and F-type vehicles for faulty front seat belts that may not restrain passengers in the event of a crash. 

Help With Your Vehicle

Should there be concern over your Jaguar, you may be entitled to relief under the California Lemon Law or Federal Law. Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP, located in the Oakland Alameda County section of California, is available to assist you in all matters regarding the cash or replacement compensation of your lemon vehicle. 

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