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A luxury division of General Motors, Cadillac boasts a major worldwide network with markets in over 35 countries. Named after Antoine de le Mothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, Cadillac is one of the oldest brands around the world. The company’s slogan, “The Standard of the World,” refers to its precise engineering. Precision being a landmark of the brand, Cadillac’s founder, Henry Leland, imported tools from France to ensure quality. As an example of this quality, his engineers took apart a car, shuffled the parts, then reassembled the cars before they were sent on a road trip. This helped the brand to win the Dewar Trophy for quality.

Even with this hallmark standard, Cadillac vehicles still experience problems. If your vehicle has undergone multiple efforts for repair without a reasonable solution in sight, the owner may receive support for this lemon vehicle. Federal and California laws may provide compensation, either in cash or replacement options. Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP, based in the Oakland Alameda County section of California, is available for your assistance in this matter. 

Common Cadillac Defects

Included in the Cadillac defect reports are the following issues:

  • Transmission failure
  • Excessive shaking while driving 
  • Defective headlights
  • Issues with the cooling system
  • Stalling of the engine
  • Broken axle

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Cadillac Recalls

Despite the company’s quality and luxury reputation, Cadillac has experienced multiple recalls. Cadillac ATS sedans from 2013-2015 have been recalled for problems with the power sunroof control. The ATS and CTS sedans from 2013-2014 may experience issues with shifting the transmission in and out of gear. The Escalade model has multiple recalls including the front passenger airbag, as well as a damaged lock cable that could cause the vehicle to roll away. 

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If there is concern over your vehicle, you may be entitled to relief from either the California Lemon Law or Federal Law. Our firm, which works with the Oakland Alameda County section of California, is available to assist you in determining your eligibility for compensation against your lemon vehicle. 

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