What if the Lemon Law does not apply to my case?

Many of the so-called lemon law experts are “one-trick ponies.” If your case fits into their easy mold, they’ll take it. Otherwise, they kick you out the door. Our firm teaches other lawyers in California and throughout the United States how to practice lemon law. We are always finding new ways to get you coverage under the lemon law OR under some of the other consumer protection law, so we can get you the legal relief you deserve.

Some of the other consumer protection laws out there that we can use include:

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Federal Lemon Law) which is a slight twist on the CA law. Link here:  Magnuson Moss Warranty Act 

The Consumer Legal Remedies Act which we like to call “Fraud light.” The CLRA protects consumers against unfair and deceptive acts and practices, based largely on misrepresentations. Its main purpose is to make fraud cases easier to prove. If you received a product that is significantly different than the one you thought they were purchasing or did not receive the product at all, that law should apply. Link to the statute here: The CLRA 

Basic Contract Law under California’s Commercial Code: Using these laws we can force a seller or a manufacturer to live up to their end of the contract. Link to the CA Commercial Code here:  CA Commercial Code Sections

Automobile Sales Finance Act: This law requires Dealers to correctly fill out all paperwork related to the sale of a car and to properly disclose all terms of the sale. If the paperwork is improperly filled out or they purposely cheat you using the paperwork, you are entitled to very strong protections under this law. Link to ASFA here:  Automobile Sales Finance Act.

Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Act: If a seller or creditor is trying to collect monies from you wrongfully, they may have to pay a statutory fine of no less than $100.00 and no more than $1,000.00 per occurrence. The same offender may have to pay your costs of court and attorney fees, so, this law can potentially put a stiff hurt into the bad guy quickly. Link to RFDCPA here: Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Act

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