What can I expect in trying to get rid of my Lemon? – Kaufman & Kavicky

What can I expect in trying to get rid of my Lemon?

First and foremost, expect a lot of resistance. Any car salesperson will tell you, “You can replace the car, but, not the customer.” These businesses do not stay in business by buying back cars.

Should the manufacturer decide they prefer a negotiated settlement, you may expect:

  • A “buyback” or a “repurchase” of your Lemon. This is usually handled locally and if your case is considered a strong one by the manufacturer, it may occur within 2-4 weeks of your original call to this office.
  • A replacement vehicle. This is also handled locally but, it is highly discouraged, since you do not want to be in another lemon car AND it may take a long time to fine the vehicle you want with the right options, color scheme, year or other specifications.
  • A cash settlement. Some Lemon Law cases are borderline and may just be worth a nuisance settlement with the manufacturer. Those few cases may be settled for a partial refund of the original purchase price. The owner may then keep or sell or trade the vehicle as s/he sees fit. This option does tend to lessen the pain of selling an older vehicle and may allow you to do so at a lower than market price.