Isn’t it quicker and cheaper to do this myself? – Kaufman & Kavicky

Isn’t it quicker and cheaper to do this myself?

Doing it yourself is almost never the way to go. You may have experienced already, what feels like “stonewalling” or plenty of talk but no action. After hearing “there is no problem” or “it’s fixed” or “we are going to fly in a factory expert from Detroit or Germany” or we can take the car back as a “trade in” many times, a certain percentage of people just give up, trade-in their lemons, or sell their vehicles to other unlucky consumers.

On the rare occasion when a dealer or a manufacturer agrees to replace your vehicle or to give you a refund, they always seem to find a way to give you the shaft. Sometimes they will give you thousands of dollars less than you are entitled to under the law.

Since consumer protection laws require the “bad guy” to pay your attorney and those fees do not generally come from your recovery, using a firm like ours will likely save you time, hassle, and a LOT of $$$.