I have a “Certified” used car, is it covered? – Kaufman & Kavicky

I have a “Certified” used car, is it covered?

Yes. It’s a consumer product purchased at retail with a warranty. In fact, a certified used car usually has a warranty from the seller AND from the manufacturer, so, you get two potential defendants who may well point fingers at each other.

The certified used car is rarely any different than a run of the mill used car, but, the dealer will check some 100 or more “points” off on a checklist and pay at least $1,500.00 and often more to the manufacturer for the right to put the car into this program and will pass that charge (and more) on to you, the consumer.

Basically, it’s just a marketing scheme, allowing the manufacturers and dealers to make you “feel” like this car is “special” but frankly, they’ve just added a service contract (often called an extended warranty) to it and charged you more for the pleasure. In most cases, it’s a lot cheaper to just have the vehicle inspected by a local mechanic (for about $100.00) before you buy it. See link about this here: Inspect don’t Certify – Money Magazine Article