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Volkswagen VW Lemon Law Attorneys

Volkswagen, a German manufacturer, founded in 1937, is perhaps most popular for its iconic Beetle car that has a small, unique look and comes in fun colors. Volkswagen means “people’s car” in German and the company actually started during the people’s car project initiative in Germany, when car makers started independent projects.

The German company quickly gained popularity in the U.S. market and now holds its own in the auto market. In 2017, Volkswagen also announced that it would put a lot of its focus into electric vehicle designs and launch those models in the years to come.

Issues & Recalls

In 2019, Volkswagen had to recall over 50,000 models, including the 2015-2019 Golf, Jetta, and Tiguan models because of tire failures. The manufacturing of the coil springs in the tires was leading to fractures while the vehicles were being driven and they were prone to collisions.

In 2017, there was a large recall of over 700,000 vehicles due to defects in the anti-lock brake systems. The wheels on the Golf and Jetta models would brake and lock up suddenly.

Volkswagen, like its competitors, also had issues with its airbags, specifically in the Jettas. The Jetta vehicles were incorrectly installed with airbags that would not deploy in crashes. Although there were no reported deaths or injuries because of the airbags, the recall definitely called into the question the reliability of the manufacturing design.

Your Rights

Volkswagen has a reputation for producing efficient and reliable cars, but they still have dealt with their fair share of manufacturing issues and defects. If your Volkswagen is experiencing a defect, you could be entitled to relief under California Lemon Law. At Kaufman & Kavicky, LLP, we have attorneys who can discuss your issue with you and help you learn what your options are.