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Tesla Lemon Law Attorneys

Tesla is one of the newest and most specialized car manufacturing companies out there. Tesla is an American company founded in the early 2000s and it focuses on electric cars and clean energy for the environment. The only current vehicles to existing on the market include the Model S, 3, X, and Y. Tesla was ranked the world’s best-selling plug-in, battery-electric car in 2019 and has made its mark in the vehicle industry in the short years that it has existed. Tesla has a reputation for being luxurious and expensive and has high expectations among consumers.

Known Issues

Most recently, Tesla faced some backlash after a brand new owner of the Tesla Model Y experienced a serious defect with the vehicle. The owner said that the glass roof flew completely off of the car while driving on the highway in the wind.

There was also a report of a Tesla Model Y owner who had water leaking through the car into the interior, through the glass roof. Because Tesla is such a hot item on the market and so new to consumers, these issues have led to concerns about the flaws in their more basic features of the design.

Tesla also had to recall over 20,000 Model S and Model X Teslas that were made in the U.S. but sent over to China due to faulty front and rear suspensions. This recall along with customers calling out design flaws and defects in the media have led to the question of whether Tesla is prioritizing innovation and luxury over safety.

Your RIghts as a Tesla Owner

Even the most popular and sought after cars can have defects and problems. If your Tesla does not conform to the manufacturer warranty and Tesla has not repaired the issue after a reasonable number of attempts, you may be entitled to relief under California Lemon Laws. To find out more about the options you have with your faulty Tesla, contact our office to speak with an attorney.

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