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Nissan Lemon Law Attorneys

Nissan Motor Company is a large car manufacturer that was founded in Japan and expanded worldwide. Nissan was deemed to be the largest car manufacturer in North America as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. Nissan was one of the first car manufacturers to go public with mass-market, all-electric vehicles and launch them globally.

In 2016, Nissan announced that it would use a new hybrid system in its electric vehicles. Since 2013, Nissan has also been planning on its autonomous car technology which would allow for fully automated driving.

Issues & Recalls

Although it is one of the leaders in new technology and advancements in hybrid and electric vehicles, Nissan does not come without its faults in even its most basic vehicles. One problem that began occurring in the early 2000 Altima models was that consumers started to notice extreme corrosion of their cars’ floorboards.

Specifically, the 2002-2006 Altimas were designed with floorboards that were concave, allowing too much moisture to gather and no way for it to drain properly. In 2007, Nissan redesigned the floorboards in the 4th generation Altima, which seemed to correct the problem.

More recently in 2019, there were several complaints that came from a malfunction in Nissan’s automatic emergency brake system, where the system would randomly brake and was causing rear-end collisions. There were several lawsuits filed due to the unsafe braking technology used in several Nissan models.

Your Rights

It appears that even in the most innovative car manufacturing companies, there are flaws in design that can potentially lead to serious problems. If you have a defective Nissan, you may be protected under California Lemon Law. You may be entitled to relief against your manufacturer. Contact our office today to learn more about your options.

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