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Mini Lemon Law Attorneys

MINI is a unique British car manufacturer that was founded in 1969 and is owned by BMW. MINI took on the name that used to be commonly referred to by many manufacturers that produced small car models, and MINI made it their own. MINI took an interesting approach to its design because the original classic mini was not only unique in its style, but it also remained almost unchanged for about 40 years.

The MINI was also voted as the most influential car of the 20th century, after the Ford Model T and before the Volkswagen Beetle. MINI cars are still striking in their design, but they too have their share of defects and problems that can affect their safety and reliability.

Recalls & Issues

MINI and its owner, BMW, went through several recalls on several models of their cars due to defects. In 2018, there was a recall of several models due to the circuit boards that were faulty and prone to overheating.

In some cases, the overheating could lead to a risk of fire. Even before this recall, BMW had to recall 2007-2011 MINI Coopers as well as 2011 convertibles, clubmans, and other models that had circuit boards that could smolder and lead to vehicle fires. It appears that after this major recall, the manufacturing could not cure the defect in the circuit boards.

There were various other recalls regarding the flat tire monitoring system and other programming issues that led consumers to question the reliability of MINI vehicles.

You Have Rights

If you have a MINI vehicle and it has a substantial defect or defects that limit its safety, value, or usefulness, you may have a lemon car. If your MINI is a lemon, it could fall within California Lemon Law and the manufacturer may be responsible for fixing the defect. This could be especially true if your vehicle is experiencing electric power steering pump failure, noisy timing chains, and clutch failure. Contact our office to find out more about lemon laws and what your rights are in California.

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