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Land Rover is a British car manufacturing brand known for its four-wheel-drive vehicles and off-roaders. Land Rover currently markets for luxury sport utility cars such as the Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover. The Land Rover models are produced in a variety of different styles, such as the canvas-top pickup truck and the station wagon that has twelve seats. The UK Department of Transport has compiled road accident statistics and showed that the Land Rover Defender is one of the safest cars, due to its durability and size.

Recalls & Issues

Land Rovers, like its other competitors on the market, have a unique design and allure to them. On top of that, sporting a Land Rover represents a higher level of luxury, as they are often on the more expensive side.

Though these sought-after SUV and Land Rover models are seen as high-end vehicles, that does not mean that they are free from defects.

Consumer Reports showed that over one-third of Land Rover owners actually stated that they had had to take their Rover in to be repaired in the past year. What consumers look at as tough and durable, has been questioned by consumers who have found that the quality of certain parts, such as the axle, is not that dependable without frequent maintenance.

The Euro New Car Assessment Program gave the Range Rover a perfect five-star score as far as safety, however, their record still is not spotless. There were almost 70,000 Land Rovers that had to be recalled in 2019 due to a defective crankshaft that could lead to a risk of the vehicles stalling. There were also several Range Rover models that had to be recalled in 20018 due to a failing emergency braking system.

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Keep in mind that even the most well-regarded car companies are not free from error. Even the most loyal California Land Rover consumers can be susceptible to buying or leasing a lemon car from Land Rover. If you are in this position, you may have rights to relief under the California Lemon Laws. Contact our office today to find out more information about these laws and your rights.

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