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Honda Lemon Law Attorneys

Honda is a large, Japanese manufacturer that is known for the production of vehicles and motorcycles of all types. Honda took the lead in Japanese automobile manufacturing of luxury cars, known as Acuras.

The Honda Civic, Accord, and CR-V are among the most popular models that Honda offers right now and also compete with other manufacturers in the hybrid vehicle market. It is safe to say that Honda has built up quite an international reputation for manufacturing dependable and affordable vehicles.

Common Defects

In 2018, Honda dropped down six spots in a survey done by Consumer Reports, taking 15th place among the mix of other automakers. Consumer Reports reported that Honda dropped in reliability in part because its new models, such as the Odyssey minivan, was reportedly having problems with the infotainment system, and the locking system on the doors.

The alternative fuel cars had also been reported to have electronic issues and glitches. Though these reports were not necessarily safety concerns, it did lead consumers to doubt Honda’s reliability.

Honda’s most notable recall occurred when the Takata airbags, which were used by numerous car manufacturing companies, were found to be defective because the inflators could injure passengers with shrapnel. The Honda recall involved several of its models including 2001-2012 Accords, all Honda Civic models in existence, and 2002-2011 CR-Vs, among others. Honda did report that it completed nearly 80 percent of the recalls within the first year of the recall. However, this recall leads to concerns over other parts in Honda-manufactured vehicles.

Getting Help

California has a lemon law in place that is designed to safeguard vehicle owners from suffering from defective vehicles on their own. It is the company’s duty to repurchase, replace, or repair the substantial defects in the cars it sells to consumers. If you have a lemon Honda and would like to find out more about taking action against a Honda manufacturer, contact our office today to find out what your options are.

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