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General Motors Truck Company (GMC) is a division of General Motors that specializes in trucks and utility vehicles. GMC leads the market in SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, as well as producing fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, and transit buses. In the United States, GMC is typically sold beside Buick in joint dealerships, appealing to a market of buyers looking for cars or trucks. In the past few decades, GMC has had some major model launches, including the Acadia, a crossover SUV. Some of the most popular current models include the GMC Sierra and the Canyon.

Recalls & Issues

One thing that sets GMC apart from other car manufacturers is that it is not diverse in the types of cars and models it sells, but rather sticks to the niche market of trucks and SUVs. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, GMC Acadia ranks in the top scoring category for crash ratings.

The GMC Canyon also had high crash safety ratings, but it scored a marginal rating for the crash safety on the passenger side.

In 2018, GMC had to recall over a million vehicles because of a faulty power steering system. The system would reportedly fail suddenly while in drive and would power up again after a few seconds; however, the driver is at a safety risk during that lapse of time. There was also a notable recall of 2016-2018 GMC Sierras due to possible fuel tank defects.

The fuel level sensor was reportedly not accurately reflecting the amount of fuel in the tank, making it susceptible to overflowing and causing fires.

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If you own a GMC truck or SUV and believe that it has a substantial defect, it is worth investigating and looking into your options. California Lemon Law protects vehicle owners from GMC manufacturers and others from not repairing defects within a reasonable number of attempts. You may be entitled to repair or relief for your defective GMC. Call our office to speak with an attorney about your options.

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