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Dodge Lemon Law Attorneys

Dodge is a U.S. automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1900 and is known for producing reasonably priced performance vehicles. Over the years, Dodge has gained popularity for its truck, known as the Dodge Ram. Before Dodge even started producing its own vehicles, however, it started with mass production of engines, axles, and transmissions, and then later moved on to producing the vehicle bodies as well. Perhaps the most popular Dodge models are the Challenger, Durango, Charger, and Grand Caravan.

Recalls & Issues

Although the Dodge Ram pickup trucks are seen as heavy duty and reliable, they have not escaped their share of defects and complaints from owners. A common complaint centers around the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) which is the foundation of the electrical system in the trucks. Some defects have occurred with the airbags not deploying, the horn going off randomly, starter issues, coolant fan failures, and lock and radio issues.

These issues could range anywhere from inconveniences to safety hazards for the passengers and driver. Many of these repairs could cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

In May of 2018, there was a recall on some 2014-2018 Dodge Challengers, Chargers, Journeys, and Durangos due to an issue that could possibly prevent the driver from cancelling cruise control in the vehicle. In 2016, Dodge was part of a recall in which vehicles had confusing gear shifters that drivers could mistake for parking or exiting the vehicle, putting the driver at risk. There are around 41 known injuries that could be related to this defect.

Getting Help

Under California law, the lemon laws apply to used and new Dodge vehicles that have a substantial defect. The defect is typically deemed as substantial if it impairs the value of the car, impairs the use of the car, or puts someone’s safety at risk. The dealer or manufacturer is given an opportunity to repair the defect, and if not, the owner could file a claim under lemon law. If you have questions about the California Lemon Laws or your ability to file a claim, contact our office today.

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