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Chevrolet Lemon Law Attorneys

Chevrolet is a widely popular vehicle brand in the United States, being part of General Motors and being a rival to Ford, overtaking Ford as the best selling car in the early 1900s. Chevrolet, also known as “Chevy,” is perhaps most well known for its Silverado pickup truck and the Camaro. Chevy launched its Corvette car in 1953, which quickly grew in popularity. The brand sells all different types of vehicles, ranging from small, subcompact vehicles all the way to heavy duty pickup trucks and commercial trucks. Chevrolet also takes the spot for the first SUV manufacturer, being the leader in the heavy-duty vehicle, that was not a pickup truck.

Issues & Defects

Chevrolet, like its competitors, has its share of defects and recalls. Recently, in 2020, there was a class action lawsuit filed against General Motors, due to starter problems with Camaros. Allegedly, the starters fail after the car has been in hot weather or after it has been driven. The lawsuit includes 2010-present Chevy Camaros. In 2019, the plaintiff started having starter issues with his Camaro at only 32,000 miles and brought it into the dealership to be fixed.

A year later, in 2020, the starter problems began again. The lawsuit class action alleges that General Motors knew about the starter problems in the Camaros but did not warn consumers. Camaro owners could be looking at thousands of dollars to repair the starters because like the plaintiff in this suit, the starter could continue having problems even after being repaired by the dealership.

There is also a class action lawsuit against 2015-present Chevrolet Suburbans and Tahoes and 2014-present Silverados due to a defect in the brake vacuum pump used in trucks and SUVs. It was alleged that the defect in the brake could render the vehicles too dangerous to even drive.

Getting Help with your Chevy

Chevrolet, like its competitors, has faced and is facing lawsuits and other criticisms due to defects and recalls on its vehicles. In California, the lemon law covers new or used vehicles that are under the manufacturer’s warranty. The dealership or manufacturer has a reasonable number of times to repair or correct the vehicle’s defects. You could qualify for relief from the manufacturer if this does not happen. If you would like more information on how to file a claim for relief and take action against your Chevrolet dealer, contact our officer to speak with an attorney today.

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