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Audi is a German automobile brand that produces luxury vehicles worldwide. Audi stands out among competitors in its new technology, such as the use of aluminum construction and the aerodynamic design. They have also been vocal about driver assist features that will be fully self-driving up to 60mph and will allow the driver to avoid safety checks such as maintaining contact on the steering wheel. Audi has also produced body shells for its vehicles that are galvanized to prevent corrosion for a decade. They also introduced a space frame, which is also an aluminum frame that is lightweight and less expensive than other options. Audi continues to pride themselves on new technology in its manufacturing.

Common Defects

Regardless, California drivers and drivers throughout the country may experience problems with Audi vehicles. The five problems most complained about when it comes to Audi vehicles are

  • Oil leaks which can cause fires and damage to the engines.
  • Problems with the electrical components like the headlights and taillights.
  • The axle joint can lose grease quickly, which can quickly lead to erosion and ultimately, a costly replacement.
  • The timing belts tear and need to be closely maintained.
  •  Spark plug failure, which is a major cause of ignition failures in Audis.

Two of the major Audi recalls involved violations of the EPA Clean Air Act as well as faulty airbag inflators. Audi admitted to bypassing emissions control systems in around 15,000 Audi vehicles powered by its diesel engine. Although this is not a safety recall, it raises concerns about Audi’s dealings in other areas. Because of its failures to comply with the EPA Clean Air Act, there was excessive diesel emissions polluting the air.

A second major recall came about from Audi’s use of Takata airbag inflators in 2016. It was determined that in a potential collision, the airbags would not deploy properly. In 2017, Audi had a recall on several models for a faulty cooling pump that would cause the engine to overheat. There was a recall on 2013-2017 Q5 and Q7 vehicles for having a pump flange leak and also a 2017 recall on the 2016-2017 Q3 model for faulty brakes.

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Although Audi is a reputable car manufacturing company, it is no stranger to its own defects and recalls on vehicles. When Audi defects cause safety issues for the California driver, he or she may be entitled to relief under lemon law, state, or federal law. If you have a defect or recall issue with your Audi or need assistance filing for relief, contact our office and speak to one of our attorneys today.

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