$450,000.00 for you?

There is a new state fund for consumer protection, with over $450,000.00 in it that remains untapped and so far, unhelpful to consumers. The use of the fund is for situations where (like my current client, Mr. Hevelone) a consumer has traded in a vehicle on the purchase of another, expected it to be paid […]

Canadian BMW recall

If you have a 2009 – 2012 BMW X5 model you may want to have it looked at. In Canada, they are recalling some 5,500 of them for problems with the power steering. Here’s a link to the story:  2009 -2012 BMW x5 Power Steering Recall  

Has your Ford caught on fire?

Going all the way back to the Pinto, Ford seems to have a bit of a history with their vehicles catching on fire. This recall concerns new 2013 Escape and Fusion models that may have engine overheating problems and catch fire. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same… Here’s the […]

Lexus Paint Issues

Apparently Lexus (many models and many years) vehicles have some serious paint issues. They are chipping everywhere and for no good reason. The stories are all over the net. If you are in California and experiencing these issues and Lexus has failed to deal with them to your satisfaction, please contact us to see if we can help. […]

BMW Issues more Recalls!

BMW Recall: Over 30,000 Vehicles AffectedBMW’s reputation as the ultimate driving machine is taking a hit lately. BMW has several recalls out right now from issues related to faulty battery cables to concerns with electrical problems that may cause unexpected stalling. Should you have these or other concerns with your ultimate driving machine feel free to get in touch […]

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